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How annual report can be used to understand performance Free Essays

An At he stop of each money related twelvemonth the greater part of the organizations make Documents providing monetary data, for example, blance sheets, pay and income proclamations and posting of organization activities, calles one-year considers. The data remembered for the investigation is contrasted with the data of old mature ages, taking a gander at the outcomes. This is a criticial part of the dessision doing strategy of the organization for future organization strategies and plans. We will compose a custom paper test on How yearly report can be utilized to get execution or on the other hand any comparative point just for you Request Now There are two kinds of one-year considers relying upon their contnents. The first is Annual investigation to the Securities and Exchange Comission, other than known as signifier 10-k. The second is the investor one-year study or corporate one-year study. While the SEC one-year study gives truly expound monetary data, the sahreholder reoprt gives more generaized data showing out the gross incomes and the selling data. To investigate the organization ‘s advertise individuals should take a gander at the corporate examinations, yet the client of the data must hold in any event fundamental bookkeeping knowedge, being acquainted with organization ‘s proclamations, cognizing where to happen utile data and how to break down it. Yearly examinations are made by the bearing of the organization, so as the course is answerable for reality of the data introduced in the investigation. The data is utilized mostly by financial specialists to break down the organization ‘s monetary p osition and anticipate future way. To do happening data in the one-year examines simpler, the one-year contemplates have comparable development, and incorporate required parts, for example, Management ‘s treatment and investigation of working outcomes. Yearly examinations basicly show monetary and measurable informations, in order to treat open introduction, markets and creation. Puting together gross incomes, total compensations and other monetary constituents for at least two mature ages. This alleged financial high spots have the aim to locate the best assault to doing the organization ‘s future plan. Anyway the one-year contemplates are formed by the bearing, which intention is to show the organization in the best way, exaggerating some data and smother other. So every piece great as the one-year study seems to be, it ought to n’t be the solitary start of earning data for the financial specialists to gauge the beneficial and monetary open introduction of the organization. Another main considerations for reality of the data separated from the one-year study is the capacity to destinguish the of import realities and achievements of the extractor himself. So as to get data from the one-year concentrate chief must happen 1. All open stepped organizations are required to do one-year reads aviable for the Securities and Exchange Comission ( SEC ) , so to occur there one-year study is a chance. Albeit the majority of the organizations send computerized coppies of their one-year study by means of electronic sends to clients, or troublesome coppies through mailing, typically for nothing out of pocket. What's more, for imediate acquiring one can ever download computerized coppy directly from the organization ‘s site. Normally the mean one-year study incorporates: message to investors, Operational Overview ( Management Discussion and Analysis ) , Auditor ‘s study, amalgamate monetary explanations including balancesheets ; pay proclamations ; income articulations, Notes to amalgamate articulations and some corporate data for delineation: Board of supervisors, officials and investor data. So as to collect the required data one should only folow the stairss of dissecting the one-year study. Initial one must investigate the last page of the examination. It ought to be composed on it: â€Å" Report of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm † or â€Å" Auditor ‘s Report. † If the one-year study does non hold this region, it is non legitimate, so the data in it might be non authentical, proposing that it is futile. To go on with the investigation ‘s security audit than investigate the bit â€Å" Report of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm † , it ought to be marked by a functioning consoling house, the most commended are: Pricewaterhouse Coopers, KPMG, Ernst A ; Young, Deloitte A ; Touche. The house ‘s mark affirms that the investigation was made using By and enormous Acepted Acounting Principles ( GAAP ) . Shoping through the examination, the accompanying segment coming is the â€Å" Letter to the investors † , joining summed up data about the organization ‘s days gone by, present and future. That could be utile for progressively essential conclusions, in light of more summed up data. Following are Notes To Consolidated Financial Statements, here is a large portion of the neggative onformation about the organization. For example, basic organizations, cases and numerous different kinds of risks that the organization has taken. The accompanying stage in examining the one-year study is perusing the segment named: â€Å" Management ‘s Discussion And Analysis. † Here all the data regularly has the expectation to show the organization in a decent way, typically composed by the PR specialists, I ‘m non expressing that this data is non important, yet it might be contorted in some way, so the peruser must hold that one on head. The accompanying part of the examination ca n’t be manupalated, it is called Amalgamate Statements Of Financials. Fusing just unsmooth Num berss, it ca n’t be influented. Taking a gander at the Numberss, the peruser makes his ain inclination dependent on his ain investigation. This bit of the examination is partitioned by three boss parts. Firtst is monetary record, indicating a preview of the organization ‘s situation, yet it might be changed ordinarily from that previous moment, so the data that contains might be non genuine any more. The second part is the income articulation, demoing the monye stream in the organization and it ‘s adjustment during specific times of clasp. Very crutial bit of investigating organization ‘s explanation, in view of the way that the monyeflow is one of the vast majority of import factors arranging organization ‘s position. The third part depends on the net gain/deficit dependance here is the most utile analyzis demoing if the house is passing more than it is picking up, howerver, the data may change because of certain components. The investigation other th an incorporates an examination of the Consolidated Statements of Financials, which is the undermentioned segment of the investigation. This examination is basicly looking at accounting reports, or sources of income for various mature ages ( at least one ) sing the propensities. Inclinations are extremely utile sing any expectations made about the organization. The more drawn out the period is the better the propensities are distinged by the peruser. The data analyzed for a few mature ages is assessed in percantages, assuming 100 % as the record given in one of the mature ages named basal twelvemonth, different qualities in the other mature ages could be sequential and in truly back occasions being the equivalent. This shows the existent adjustment in the ammount for the various focuses. Than the wholes of the comparative focuses are communicated as a for each centum of the basal twelvemonth ‘s ammount and that is the manner by which is framed the file or the inclination propor tions. So as to susccesfully interpret the data, the peruser could look for explicit data answering sepcific requests. For representation an expansion in the supply of the organization, could be provoced by adjusting the entire stock rundown strategy. Expanding in income improvement could be an outcome of truly expanded gross incomes, yet to some degree changing overall gains. Observing he fixed resources and the drawn out obligation other than could take to many covered data about how these advantages are being financed. That was the level way of investigating Amalgamate Statements of Financials. The opposite strategy is for looking at proclamations of organizations tha vary in size. For delineation in the opposite anlysis net incomes woud be communicated as 100 % and each point in the salary proclamation is communicated as a bit of this percantage. Sing the data that way, the peruser can examin the grounds of expanding the estimation of the present resources and stock. Aggregate uping the data given, I should express that breaking down organization ‘s showcase, gainful and financial open introduction is a long system, that requires more going to than it appears. To be the examination each piece exact as could be expected under the circumstances, the peruser must recognize the littlest thing in the figures of the investigation and the chronicles. Since the smallest change in the inclinations of a feature of the organization ‘s position, might be commensurate to a sensational adjustment in future. Perusing the investigation and examining the accounts is only non bounty. It is required undeniably progressively profound assessing of the informations introduced and isolating the important data, straight identified with the theme. Market and profitable and monetary open introduction are affected by numerous components and this is the ground why their investigation is so hard to achieve. Also, that each segment of the investigations and the ch ronicles has it ‘s tremendous part in this examination. Following these stairss and passing the clasp required will probably take to an achievement examining the propensities, that could answer the specific request which reaction the analyser looks for, and answering that request to build up a full new plan and move over the theme. The most effective method to refer to How yearly report can be utilized to get execution, Essay models

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Research Issues in Parapsychology Essay -- survival-after-bodily-death

I will not submit the in vogue ineptitude of seeing all that I can't clarify as a cheat. - C.G. Jung (Society for Psychical Research) Parapsychology is a faith looking for information instead of information looking for a clarification. - C.E.M. Hansel (Alcock ix) For a considerable length of time, apparitions and phantoms have been a piece of our well known vocabulary. From stories told around the open air fire, to films like The Haunting, to books like the Scary Story arrangement, everybody has heard a decent phantom story or two. Numerous individuals guarantee to have really been involved with a couple of extraordinary encounters themselves. Be that as it may, for whatever length of time that we have recounted to these awful stories, science has been endeavoring to clarify them past the common knock in obscurity. This examination concerning the paranormal in the end advanced into the field of parapsychology. Momentum inquire about in parapsychology has three centers: psychokinesis (PK), extrasensory recognition (ESP), and endurance after-substantial demise encounters. Psychokenisis is immediate mental cooperation with objects invigorate or lifeless. Extrasensory observation is a general term for getting data about occasions past the compass of the ordinary detects (Parapsychology FAQ). Endurance after-substantial passing is the examination concerning occasions and wonders managing post-existence. In this paper, I plan to take a gander at parapsychology and the investigation of endurance after-real passing. This region of parapsychology is maybe the most unmistakable, yet likewise the least examined. I mean to take a gander at the ascent of this field of request as a science, the contentions for it and against it, and why endurance after-substantial passing isn't as unmistakable a field as it once might have been. History Parapsychology's underlying foundations can be followed back to the... ...botree.com/[Accessed 20 April 1999]. Parapsychological Association (1999, Dec.). Parapsychology FAQ. [Online]. Accessible: http://www.parapsych.org [Accessed 20 April 1999]. Value, Harry. Admissions of a Ghost-Hunter. Putnam and Company: London, 1936. Online Research in Parapsychology. Encyclopã ¦dia Britannica. [Online] Available: http://search.eb.com/bol/topic?eu=70964&sctn=1 [Accessed 26 April 1999]. Rhine, Louisa E. The Invisible Picture. McFarland and Company: Jefferson, 1981. Society for Psychical Research. [Online]. Accessible: [Accessed 20 April 1999]. Tyrrell, G. N. M. Nebulous visions. Gerald Duckworth and Co. Ltd.: London, 1953 Weiner, Debra H. what's more, Radin, Dean I., eds. Research in Parapsychology 1985. The Scarecrow Press, Inc.: Metuchen, 1986. Wilson, Colin. Riddles. New York: G.E. Putnam's Sons, 1978.

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Overnight Program

Overnight Program First things first: there was another home football game today at which I cheered and Sam trumpeted and, due to a malicious ball of burning gas 93 million miles away, I am now burned to a bright red crisp. On one side of my body. Given that this is New England (42o north latitude) in late September, and that I was outside from 2PM-5PM, Im pretty sure its physically impossible for anyone but me to get a sunburn. And yet, sunburn I did. Anyway. This entry is a PSA for the Overnight Program, in which you, the prospective, get to experience MIT life minus the hard work. And we, the MIT students, get to show off our lives to a willing audience. (Once youve been at MIT for a while, there are only so many non-MIT people who are still interested in the minutiae of your MIT life. My grandmother, for instance, would much rather hear about that nice boy Im going to marry than 7.31. Prospectives, thankfully, are not quite so boring.) Some things you might want to do on a visit to MIT include Take a campus tour (duh). Wander around the Infinite Corridor. Maybe youll get to see MIThenge. Eat in the Student Center. Id personally advise Annas Taqueria or Alpine Bagel over Lobdell Food Court but maybe youll feel differently. (When I was a prospective, I ate at Lobdell because it was the only place I could remember the tour guide saying there was food. And I still decided to come here. So the food must not be that bad.) Sit in Killian Court and enjoy the sunshine (hopefully). Attend some classes! Going on a college visit without sitting in on some classes is like going to a world-renowned restaurant and using the bathroom. Classes given this term can be found here; it might be best to sit in on freshman-level classes like 18.01/18.02, 5.111/2, 3.091, or 8.01. Stay up late with your host (who is probably a lot more nocturnal than you are when I came on my visit, I promptly fell asleep at midnight. My host stayed up until 4 AM working on an 8.022 pset, and thought it was hilarious that her prefrosh had conked out in what was to her mid-afternoon). See what life is really like here. Meet people. Check out the dorms. Ive been advised by Ben that pictures of my shirtless boyfriend in this entry might be a good way to lure people to sign up for overnights so, girls, come on an overnight so you can stay with me and stare at my boyfriend! (Guys are welcome to come stay with my boyfriend and stare at him too were both hosting.) To sign up for an overnight, log into MyMIT, then click on the Overnight Program link in the left column. Super fun for everyone! Edit (because Nehalita asked some stuff that I really should have covered!): After you request the date you want to stay, youre matched up with a host by your/the hosts interests and perhaps a few dimensions of personality (the hosts fill out info about themselves, and you fill out info about yourself its like eHarmony.com!). Eventually, a suitable host is found, and you are given each others contact information so you can chat about getting to campus and other logistical stuff, like what to bring for bedtime (if you stay with me, for example, you only need to bring a pillow, since I have a couch you can sleep on. But depending on where your host lives, you could be staying on a spare mattress in a lounge or something, and might need to bring a sleeping bag). Your host will probably also advise you about how much spending money you should bring for meals, and perhaps the best way to get to campus; when I was a prospective, I was flying alone into Logan airport, and my host realized that I was very scared of being in the city by myself and told me to take a taxi rather than the subway. Good choice. When I came here on my college visit, I had already been accepted. I came by myself, because flights from Ohio to Boston are godawful expensive, and stayed at Random with my host, Molly 05. I ate lunch at Lobdell (noted above), attended 8.022 (Physics EM for masochists) and 7.013 (Intro Biology), and took the campus tour. But what I really remember are the conversations I had with people I talked with the Random president, who was course 9, about what course 9 was all about; I talked with a lot (it seemed to me all, but probably not) of Random residents about MIT life; I talked with a bunch of ESG kids about choosing MIT over a full ride to state school. I guess my 24-hour visit to MIT was really what made me feel comfortable coming here. Before my visit, MIT was this very frightening, brilliant, prestigious place in my mind after my visit, it was somewhere I felt comfortable. Suddenly, I was in this place where there were lots of other smart kids, and they were all nice and reassuring to a very scared prefrosh, and I knew that MIT was where I wanted to be. (Cue schmaltzy music, I suppose although I really am feeling very goopy and nostalgic over this right now.)

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Profile of Serial Killer Debra Brown

In 1984, at age 21, Debra Brown became involved in a master-slave relationship with the serial rapist and killer  Alton Coleman. For two months, during the summer of 1984, the couple left victims across several Midwestern states, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana,  Kentucky, and Ohio. Alton Coleman and Debra Brown Meet Prior to meeting Alton Coleman, Brown showed no violent tendencies  and had no history of being in trouble with the law. Described as being intellectually disabled, possibly due to a head trauma suffered as a child, Brown quickly came under Colemans spell and a master-slave relationship began. Brown ended a marriage engagement, left her family and moved in with 28-year-old Alton Coleman. At the time, Coleman was facing trial on sexual assault charges of a 14-year-old girl. Fearing that he would likely go to prison, he and Brown decided to take their chances and hit the road. Blended Into Local Communities Coleman was a good con man and a smooth talker. Rather than target victims outside of their race, where their chances of being noticed were greater, Coleman and Brown stayed close to predominately African-American neighborhoods. There, they found it easier to befriend strangers, then assault and sometimes rape and murder their victims, including children and the elderly. Vernita Wheat was the 9-year-old daughter of Juanita Wheat from Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the first known victim of Coleman and Brown. On May 29,  1984, Coleman abducted Juanita in Kenosha and took her 20 miles away to  Waukegan, Illinois. Her body was discovered three weeks later in an abandoned building located close to where Coleman was living with his elderly grandmother. Juanita had been raped and strangled to death. After conning their way through Illinois, they headed to Gary, Indiana, where on June 17, 1984, they approached 9-year-old Annie Turks and her 7-year-old niece  Tamika Turks. The girls were headed home after visiting a candy store. Coleman asked the girls if they wanted free clothing, to which they answered yes. He told them to follow Brown, who led them to a secluded, wooded area. The couple removed the younger childs shirt and Brown ripped it into strips and used it to tie up the girls. When Tamika began to cry, Brown held the childs mouth and nose. Coleman stomped on her stomach and chest, then threw her lifeless body into a weeded area. Next, both Coleman and Brown sexually assaulted Annie, threatening to kill her if she did not do as they instructed. Afterward, they choked Annie until she lost consciousness. When she awoke, she discovered her attackers were gone. She managed to walk back to a road, where she found help. Tamikas body was recovered the following day. She had not survived the attack. As the authorities were uncovering Tamikas body, Coleman and Brown struck again. Donna Williams, 25, of Gary, Indiana, was reported as missing. Almost a month later, on July 11, Williams decomposing body was found in Detroit, along with her car parked a half a mile away. She had been raped and the cause of death was ligature strangulation. The couples next known stop was  on June 28, in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, where they walked into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Jones. Mr. Palmer was handcuffed and severely beaten and Mrs. Palmer was also attacked. The couple was fortunate to survive. After robbing them, Coleman and Brown took off in the Palmers car. The couples next attack happened after their arrival in Toledo, Ohio on the holiday weekend of July 5. Coleman managed to worm his way into the home of Virginia Temple, who was the mother of a household of small children. Her oldest was her 9-year-old daughter Rachelle. The police were called to Virginias home to do a welfare check after her relatives became concerned after they did not see her and she did not answer her phone calls. Inside the home, the police found Virginia and Rachelles bodies, who had both been strangled to death. The other younger children were unharmed but frightened from being left alone. It was also determined that a bracelet was missing. Following the Temple murders, Coleman and Brown did another home invasion  in Toledo, Ohio.  Frank and Dorothy Duvendack were tied up and robbed of their money, watches, and their car. Unlike others, the couple was fortunately left alive. On July 12, after being dropped off in Cincinnati by the  Reverend and Mrs. Millard Gay of Dayton, Ohio, Coleman and Brown raped and murdered Tonnie Storey of  Over-the-Rhine (a working-class neighborhood of Cincinnati). Storeys body was discovered eight days later. Underneath it was the bracelet that was missing from the Temple home. Storey had been raped and strangled to death. FBI Ten Most Wanted On July 12, 1984, Alton Coleman was added to the FBI Ten Most Wanted list as a special addition. A major national manhunt was launched to capture Coleman and Brown. More Attacks Being on the most wanted FBI list did not seem  to slow down the couples murder spree.  On July 13, Coleman and Brown went from Dayton to Norwood, Ohio on a bicycle. Not long after arriving, they managed to get inside the home of Harry and Marlene Walters on the ruse that they were interested in buying a trailer that Harry Walters was selling. Once inside the home, Coleman struck Harry Walters over the head with a candlestick, rendering him unconscious. The couple then viscously raped and beat Marlene Walters to death. It was later determined that Marlene Walters had been beaten on the head at least 25 times and Vise-Grips had been used to lacerate her face and scalp. After the attack, the couple robbed the home of money and jewelry  and stole the family car. Kidnapping in Kentucky The couple then fled to Kentucky in the Walters car and kidnapped a Williamsburg college professor, Oline Carmical, Jr. They placed him in the trunk of the car and drove to Dayton. There, they left the stolen car with Carmical  inside the trunk. He was later rescued. Next, the couple returned to the home of  Reverend and Mrs. Millard Gay. They threatened the couple with guns, but left them unharmed. Coleman and Brown stole their car and headed back close to where they started their killing spree in Evanston, Illinois. Before their arrival, they carjacked and murdered  75-year-old Eugene Scott in Indianapolis. Capture On July 20, Coleman and Brown were arrested without incident in Evanston. A  multi-state coalition of police formed to strategize on how to best prosecute the couple. Wanting the pair to face the death penalty, authorities selected Ohio as the first state to begin prosecuting them both. No Remorse In Ohio, Coleman and Brown were sentenced to death in each case of the aggravated murders of Marlene Walters and Tonnie Storey. During the sentencing phase of the trial, Brown sent the judge a note which read, in part, I killed the bitch and I dont give a damn. I had fun out of it. In separate trials in Indiana, both were found guilty of murder, rape, and attempted murder. Both received the death penalty. Coleman also received 100 additional years and Brown received an additional 40 years on charges of kidnapping and child molesting. Alton Coleman was executed on April 26, 2002, by lethal injection at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio. Browns death sentence in Ohio was later commuted to life because of her low IQ scores, her non-violent history prior to meeting Coleman, and her dependent personality that made her susceptible to Colemans control. Currently in the Ohio Reformatory for Women, Brown still faces the death penalty in Indiana.

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Econ2103 Tutorial Questions - 1354 Words

Australian School of Business School of Economics ECON 2103 BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT SEMESTER 2, 2013 LECTURE SCHEDULE (WEEKS 7-12) AND TUTORIAL PROGRAM (WEEKS 8-13) 1 Econ 2103 Weeks 7 to 12 Lectures The second half of the course will look at some of the challenges, complex questions and conflicting forces faced by government in designing and implementing policy. The lectures will examine the issues faced by government in the areas of (1) redistribution of income (2) taxation (3) affordable housing (4) aging of the population (5) privatisation ( 6) wage regulation Lecture Schedule Lectures start in Week 1and finish in Week 12. Location: Monday 5 – 7pm CLB5 The lecturer for Weeks 7-12 is: Peter Nichols ASB465 Ph: 9385†¦show more content†¦4 Week 9 23 -27 September Government and Tax Review Questions 1. Define vertical and horizontal taxation inequality. 2. Give examples of how vertical and horizontal tax inequity may occur 3. Distinguish between tax evasion and tax avoidance? 4. Why is the GST (in Australia) an example of a regressive tax? 5. How might goals of redistribution through the tax system conflict with the goal of economic growth Discussion Question 7 Explain some of the challenges faced by the Australian Government in maintaining an equitable and sustainable tax system. In your answer you may refer globalisation, political lobby groups, an aging population, tax avoidance or any other relevant issue. 5 Week 10 7-11 October Government and Affordable Housing Review Questions 1. Define the term â€Å"housing stress† 2. Name three factors impacting on the affordability of home ownership 3. Explain some factors impacting on the relationship between age and household tenure in Australia 4. Explain some of the factors behind the shortage of rental accommodation available to low income households. Is this shortage higher or lower in Sydney than in other capital cities? 5. Outline three ways in which government may attempt to make housing more affordable to low income families. Discussion Question 8 (a) What is meant by the term â€Å"affordable housing† ? (b) Is housing in Sydney more or less affordable now than

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The Increasingly Complex World of air Travel Free Essays

In the increasingly complex world of air travel, the work of the air traffic controller is becoming increasingly vital. It is the task of these professionals to ensure the safety of all air passengers and personnel by coordinating the system of aircraft leaving and arriving at the airport. With increasing amounts of aircraft and narrower margins between arrival and departure times, it is becoming increasingly important to carefully coordinate and control air traffic. We will write a custom essay sample on The Increasingly Complex World of air Travel or any similar topic only for you Order Now Generally, air traffic controllers serve under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This agency is part of the Federal Government. The nature of the job, as mentioned above, is complex and requires precise cooperation of a team. The radar associate controller for example organizes flight plans to ensure that more than one aircraft does not schedule arrival and/or departure times for the same period. When a particular team’s airspace is left, responsibility for its flight path and safe arrival is delegated to the following control team. Other elements that need to be taken into account in terms of continued flight safety include weather conditions and other aircraft in the vicinity. Coordination therefore needs to meticulous not only within each control team, but also between different airport teams and the pilots themselves. Being involved in air traffic control requires a particular set of skills in employees. The ability to make quick decisions needs to be complimented with clear thinking and memory skills. Furthermore, air traffic controllers need to be highly skilled in electronic communications equipment, along with the necessary articulate skills to communicate necessary information quickly and clearly to pilots (U.S. Dept. of Labor, 2006). The entire system is overseen by the Air Traffic Control Systems Command Center, located in Herndon, VA. Several air traffic controllers work here in coordinating the management of the entire air traffic control system. The Center is burdened with the task of identifying any problems such as bottlenecks or time table problems in the system. These problems are then solved with an appropriate management plan. This overall managing body provides the air traffic controllers under them with the necessary management strategies to facilitate their complex task (U.S. Dept. of Labor, 2006). In order to further simplify the complexity of air traffic control by means of management, the National Airspace System (NAS) Architecture is an automated system implemented by the FAA. This long-term strategic plan is aimed at increased efficiency in air traffic control by helping employees in their work with increased air traffic. Through NAS Architecture, the FAA and the aviation community are enabled to continue plans and discussions relating to modernization in the system. It is clear that very complex management systems are needed to create a safe and secure travel experience for all passengers and personnel using air traffic. Managerial accounting is a vitally important part of this process. If adequate accounting systems are not in place, air traffic control cannot possibly function either efficiently or adequately. Efficient accounting systems are therefore a very important part of management in air traffic control systems. Several systems are in place to facilitate cost accounting in the profession. The Cost and Performance Management Charter (C/PM) is one of these systems. Its vision includes strategies to increase the efficiency of operations through measurement and information for easier decision making. On an executive level, accountability for the success of the organization is shared by all leaders within each section of the air traffic control system. In terms of improvement, employees are encouraged to identify possibilities for improvement within the workplace and the system as a whole. Such encouragement occurs through rewards for identifying such improvement opportunities. This includes areas where funds can be more efficiently applied to improve the process of air traffic control. The working conditions of employees are furthermore made as pleasant as possible by informing individuals of their particular contribution to the general goals of the organization within which they function. This ensures that employees provide their workplace with more value through an understanding of how such value occurs through their work. The understanding of value also provides employees with a higher level of satisfaction and pride in their work, and the number of valuable employees leaving their work for reasons other than retirement is reduced. This helps to reduce the cost of hiring new employees and the concomitant training costs. Performance improvements like those mentioned above entail certain costs and resource allocations in order to optimize such improvements. The role of C/PM entails a framework for the integration of goals, planning and budgeting in the initial phases, while outputs, results and activities for achieving the planned outcomes are monitored on a continuous basis. C/PM therefore plays the dual role of planning and implementing strategies while also monitoring the results of the initial planning setups. In short, money is related to the results achieved. Resources are to be used effectively and efficiently in accomplishing the mission of air traffic control. What this means specifically for air traffic controllers, is that each individual is to be made aware of his or her particular role in ensuring the safety of all air traffic users. In terms of cost accounting, the work situation and abilities of each employee should be taken into account when planning resources use issues. Overtime pay incentives and personnel shortages should for example not take precedence over the general health of employees making use of overtime opportunities. The health of air traffic controllers is of vital concern for the mission of air traffic safety. If a personnel member is not healthy, he or she is a safety risk, and no cost-cutting strategy should be used at the risk of safety. Labor is therefore one of the most important aspects of cost accounting for the FAA. Air traffic control is a fairly well-compensated job. Benefits include overtime pay, and the working conditions are pleasant. At approximately 78% of the FAA’s operations costs, labor makes up around 45% of the Agency’s total costs. It is therefore important to ensure that these funds are applied in an effective and efficient manner that ensures the optimal safety of all air traffic users. In ensuring one of the primary objectives of the FAA, namely air safety, air traffic controllers are the Agency’s most important business asset. Nevertheless, it is also true that there has been limited specific visibility regarding key projects within the industry. This means that little monitoring has taken place on the actual time spent on these projects, the labor hours provided, and the quality of the outcomes. If an efficient cost accounting system (CAS) is to be implemented, it is certainly necessary to improve cost and performance management and incentives within the air traffic control industry. A newly implement labor distribution reporting system will improve visibility by obliging all involved, from executives to employees, to report on the actual time spent on projects and tasks. This will give a clearer account of actual costs, performance and outcomes, providing managers with opportunities to make improvements where necessary. In the process however it is also important to keep in mind a non-threatening management system. Employees, as seen above, should be specifically informed of the necessity and benefits of any newly implemented system to facilitate the transition and change necessary. Strengthening the CAS will result in a better understanding and management of overall costs, thus providing better control of cost growth. This is sound business, as cost growth control will also mean price control and an increase in the customer base. Existing customers will also be more likely to return if they experience a continuous effort by management to maintain the lowest possible air travel costs while ensuring optimal safety standards. The ABA is the corporate leader that monitors and reviews the performance of the FAA. Performance information is then used to identify possible areas of improvement. A two-way system of communication is therefore provided from the topmost level of management through to the most basic of employees. The system of reward rather than punishment for identifying areas of possible improvement is also a great incentive for employees to remain open in their communication to management. A non-threatening system of communication regarding labor performance reporting and other such implementations will also help to maintain visibility on the true costs and outcomes of certain projects. While it is important to maintain open communication channels in almost all organizational setups, it is seldom as vitally important as in the air traffic control industry. It should always be at the forefront of attention of all involved that lives are at stake. A single mistake can result in great tragedy. All employers and employees in the industry should therefore constantly be acutely aware of the fact that communication and improvement are continuously required. Communication is the most important key aspect in the air traffic control industry. It is vitally important that employees in this profession use their communication skills efficiently and accurately (U.S. Dept. of Labor, 2006). In terms of cost and management, these skills are valuable assets in optimizing the performance of the industry. When communication is accurately used, costs and outcomes can be managed in such a way as to optimize the experience not only of air traffic users, but also of all employees and managers in the industry. How to cite The Increasingly Complex World of air Travel, Essay examples

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Taoism, Confucianism And Buddhism Essays - Religion, Philosophy

Taoism, Confucianism And Buddhism Taoism is one of the two great philosophical and religious traditions that originated in China. The other religion native to China is Confucianism. Both Taoism and Confucianism began at about the same time, around the sixth century B.C.E. Chinas third great religion, Buddhism, came to China from India around the second century of the common era. Together, these three faiths have shaped Chinese life and thought for nearly twenty-five hundred years (Legge1, 124). One dominate concept in Taoism and Buddhism is the belief in some form of reincarnation. The idea that life does not end when one dies is an integral part of these religions and the culture of the Chinese people. Reincarnation, life after death, beliefs are not standardized. Each religion has a different way of applying this concept to its beliefs. This paper will describe the reincarnation concepts as they apply to Taoism and Buddhism, and then provide a comparison of the two. The goal in Taoism is to achieve Tao, to find the way. Tao is the ultimate reality, a presence that existed before the universe was formed and which continues to guide the world and everything in it. Tao is sometimes identified as the Mother, or the source of all things. That source is not a god or a supreme being, as Taoism is not monotheistic. The focus is not to worship one god, but instead on coming into harmony with Tao (Legge 8). Tao is the essence of everything that is right, and complications exist only because people choose to complicate their own lives. Desire, ambition, fame, and selfishness are seen as hindrances to a harmonious life. It is only when a person rids himself of all desires that Tao can be achieved. By shunning every earthly distraction, the Taoist is able to concentrate on life itself. The longer the persons life, the more saintly the person is presumed to have become. Eventually the hope is to become immortal, to achieve Tao, to have reached the deeper life . This is the after life for a Taoist, to be in harmony with the universe, to have achieved Tao (Legge2, 65). To understand the relationship between life, and the Taoism concept of life and death, the origin of the word Tao must be understood. The Chinese character for Tao is a combination of two characters that represent the words head and foot. The character for foot represents the idea of a persons direction or path. The character for head also suggests a beginning, and a foot, an ending. Thus the character for Tao also conveys the continuing course of the universe, the circle of heaven and earth. Finally, the character for Tao represents the Taoist idea that the eternal Tao is both moving and unmoving. The head in the character means the beginning, the source of all things, or Tao itself, which never moves or changes; the foot is the movement on the path (Cooper, 122). Taoism upholds the belief in the survival of the spirit after death. To have attained the human form must be always a source of joy and then to undergo countless transitions, with only the infinite to look forward to, what comparable bliss is that! Therefore it is that the truly wise rejoice in, that which can never be lost, but endures always (Leek, 190). Taoist believe that birth is not a beginning and death is not an end. There is an existence without limit. Applying reincarnation theory to Taoism is the belief that the soul never dies; a persons soul is eternal. You see death in contrast to life; and both are unreal both are changing and seeming. Your soul does not glide out of a familiar sea into an unfamiliar ocean. That which is real in you, your soul, can never pass away, and this fear is no part of her (Legge2, 199). In the writings of The Tao Te King, Tao is described as having existed before heaven and earth. Tao is formless, stands alone without change and reaches everywhere without harm. The Taoist is told to use the light that is inside to revert to the natural clearness of sight. By divesting oneself of all external